Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Expungement Internet Company - Records Removal Service(s)

Living in the United States today often means being punished for the same offense over and over [double jeopardy] because of criminal background checks.

I was convicted in 2000 for theft. I served 3 of 11 months in county prison.

Later, I had to pay restitution, and I have never been convicted or arrested prior to the theft charge.

Other than that one thing on my record, I am a upstanding citizen in the community and was elected for a council position, however couldn't accept the position due to my conviction. I also had several executive management positions that I could not accept because of my conviction. I have a wife, and 3 children to support, my conviction happened over 7 years ago! How do you get a job? I even got turned down for a new apartment.

Around July 2007 I found a company on the internet, Records Removal Services. I enrolled with them and received an expungement in New Jersey! What's more, about 14 days after my expungement was singed by the judge, recordsremoval.com then removed me from all criminal background check companies!

Records Removal Services was great. I did get a little frustrated with them at times because sometimes it took days for someone to get back to me, but now my criminal record is clear! For the money, I highly recommend them. - L. Pickett